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Features of the CyberGEN.IQ Test

14 Assessments

Within the diagnostic battery, there are 14 assessments designed to develop a full picture of your cognitive abilities.

4 Cognitive Dispositions

CyberGEN.IQ assesses each individual and reveals natural aptitude across four cognitive domains of cybersecurity and helps to align strengths and reveal their perfect role in your business.

No Prior Knowledge Required

CyberGEN.IQ does not require any prior technical cybersecurity knowledge. This allows any individual, from any background, to calculate their full cybersecurity aptitude.

Example of Matrix reasoning in cybersecurity
Scalable for Global Use

The content and context of the test is a non-linguistic based assessment and can be deployed quickly and effectively for users worldwide.

Build High-Performing Teams

Accurately assess and measure the skills and cognitive abilities of new team members.

Maps Talent to Job Roles

Get cybersecurity professionals working in the right job roles to maximize their potential and help protect your business.


CyberGEN.IQ boasts 97% accuracy in predicting job performance, mapping talent to job roles, and making the right hiring decisions.

Tests Administered

Cybersecurity career changers, corporate hiring departments, government agencies, and education programs have all significantly improved their cybersecurity talent identification after implementing CyberGEN.IQ in their recruiting workflow.

example of a cybersecurity aptitude test

Uncovering a World Full of Cyber Aptitude Insight

For employers, the CyberGEN.IQ score report enables you to easily filter your candidates by the high scores in the quadrant that best matches each job role and open position you’re seeking to fulfill. Looking at the probability of success, your team can identify the top candidates that will be successful in on-the-job-training.

For cybersecurity experts looking to make a career change or advance your career further with the right training or educational resources, you can fully understand where your talents and strengths lie—directing future plans and job applications that are right for you.

Get started with CyberGEN.IQ

Whether you are a large enterprise, a small business, or a nonprofit, we work with employers of all sizes. Pricing for the assessment is offered for employers based on the number of people you’re looking to hire—not the number of candidates that you interview. For professionals interested in their own unique aptitude, the test is offered at a reduced price. Contact us to request more information on pricing and get started with CyberGEN.IQ today.

Who is CyberGEN.IQ For?

Keep your HR department from exhausting thousands of hours filtering candidates while the pressures of cyber threats only grow larger. CyberGEN.IQ is your way of sorting through the noise.
Government Agencies
Government Agencies
Protect the assets of your agency with the top cybersecurity experts available, and hire them before they’re offered a position elsewhere.
Cyber Education and Training
Cyber Education and Training
Provide the training that your students need based on their cognitive aptitudes, maximizing the ROI of your resources.
Personal Career Growth
Personal Career Growth
Advance your cybersecurity career in the most rewarding and fitting position to your needs and plan training sessions based on your specific aptitude.

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