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It’s no secret: The damage wrought by cybersecurity threats is charging ahead at record speeds. We need everyone in the fight, regardless of their background, and performing to their best abilities to defend our assets.

Haystack Solutions has discovered how you can waste no time in finding them. Learn more about our CyberGEN.IQ assessment and consulting services, specifically designed to help today’s cybersecurity professionals find the job that best matches their abilities and aptitude.

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How Haystack Solutions is Advancing the World of Cybersecurity Hiring & Career Growth

CyberGEN.IQ Assessment

CyberGEN.IQ is the world’s only cyber aptitude and talent assessment that reveals an individual’s cybersecurity aptitude and cognitive abilities without requiring prior knowledge. The assessment predicts job performance, maps talent to job roles, directs proper training pathways, and is scalable for global use.

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Assessment Analysis & Consulting

Our team features experts across the realm of cybersecurity, ready to help you understand your candidates’ CyberGEN.IQ results and make the right hiring decisions. Our consulting services make sure you hire right the first time and maximize your business' investment in employee cybersecurity training.

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Our team proudly provides the CyberGEN.IQ assessment and consulting services in the specific capacity you need.

Taking advantage of CyberGEN.IQ amounts to a fraction of the cost it takes to find the right candidate, saving hundreds of hours for your HR department and hiring managers. Pricing for the test is based on the number of people you hire, not the number of candidates. Contact us below to request more information on the price of administering the test at your organization.
Taking CyberGEN.IQ can direct you on the right path if you’re looking to change or advance your career within cybersecurity. It also eliminates the chances of wasting thousands of dollars on the wrong cybersecurity training or resources for your specific career path and cognitive aptitude. Contact us below to request more information on the price of taking the test to advance your career in the realm of cybersecurity.
Our team is ready to provide your organization with a full analysis of your candidates’ CyberGEN.IQ results, working with your HR and hiring professionals to know you’ve made the right hiring decision and training assignments for your team. Contact us today for more information on the pricing of our specialized insight and recommended plan of action for your business.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Michael Bunting, Ph.D.
Director of Cognitive Security and Information Operations at University of Maryland’s ARLIS Center
“It has been heartening to see CyberGEN.IQ adapted for the commercial sector and, in early trials, to help identify previously unexplored but inherently genius-level cyber talent in schools and universities, who are now garnering some of the most prestigious CTF awards with talent who had not previously considered cybersecurity careers.”
Charles J. Kolodgy
Principal Analyst, Security Mindsets
“Haystack is the first solution that opens the ‘black box’ of the human mind to help identify optimal candidates for specific needs, and weed out those whose certs may be superb but whose innate skills just aren’t a match. Getting it right is imperative, and the costs—from delayed hires and poor retention to the severe consequences of missed vulnerabilities—are just too high to gamble with.”