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The World’s Only Cyber Aptitude and Talent Assessment

For employers seeking top-tier cybersecurity talent, CyberGEN.IQ is your ultimate solution. Our innovative scoring system allows you to effortlessly sift through candidates, pinpointing those with the highest potential for success in the specific roles you’re seeking to fill. By analyzing scores across tailored quadrants, you’ll swiftly identify candidates primed for on-the-job excellence, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.

For cybersecurity professionals navigating career transitions or aiming for career advancement, CyberGEN.IQ offers invaluable insights. Discover your innate strengths and talents with precision, empowering you to chart a career path aligned with your unique abilities. Armed with this knowledge, you can pursue tailored training and educational opportunities, ensuring every move propels you towards success.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a burgeoning startup, or a nonprofit organization, CyberGEN.IQ caters to all.