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CyberGEN.IQ Can Expand Your Government Agency with the Best Cyber Professionals

Hire the Top Cybersecurity Talent

Quickly and efficiently secure the best cybersecurity experts before your competing agencies hire them.

Reliably Map Workforce Growth

Unveil the cognitive fingerprints of key performers and groom deputies and replacements accordingly using the CyberGEN.IQ assessment test.

Streamline Internal Cyber Security Upskilling

Plan cybersecurity training opportunities for your government employees based on their exact needs.

Expand Internal Diversity

Grow your agency’s team with the top cybersecurity experts from diverse backgrounds.


Mapping Aptitude to
Cybersecurity Careers

The assessment features 14 cognitive tests that find an individual’s balance of the four cognitive capabilities needed to succeed in a government cybersecurity career:

  • Initiating: The ability to creatively solve problems and "kick down doors.”
  • Responding: The ability to detect anomalies and "watch the door," continuously monitoring cyber information streams.
  • Real-Time: The ability to make an in-the-moment decision with current knowledge and information.
  • Exhaustive: The ability to research other resources for more information before making a decision.
The CyberGEN.IQ test results align with the four career domains within government cybersecurity today:
  • Offensive Operations: Require initiative and creative problem-solving skills using partial data in real-time.
  • Defensive Operations: Require the ability to detect anomalies with scans and real-time, partial data while screening out distractions.
  • Analytics and Forensics: Require the ability to interpret and reconcile exhaustive amounts of often conflicting data.
  • Design/Development: Require the ability to programatize creative problem solving and build model programs for execution.

Utilizing CyberGEN.IQ equates to a portion of the cost it takes to find the right candidate, saving hundreds of hours for your government agency’s HR team. Pricing for the test is based on the number of people you hire instead of the number of candidates.

Contact us to request more information on the price of administering the test at your government agency.

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The Haystack Solutions team is ready to provide your government organization with a full analysis of your applicants’ CyberGEN.IQ results, working with your hiring department to know you’ve selected the right candidates to hire and assigned the right training for your current team.

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Applying CyberGEN.IQ:
Selecting U.S. Air Force Cyber Warfare Operators

The United States Air Force used CyberGEN.IQ aptitude and assessment test as a filter for students coming into Cyber Warfare Operator training, with remarkable results:
  • 97% effective at predicting who was going to become elite (score 90% or higher) Cyber Warfare Operators.
  • 84% effective at predicting who would be Cyber Warfare Operators versus other IT professionals.

Government Agencies Using
CyberGEN.IQ Testing

Jan Tighe
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
“As the Fleet Cyber Commander, I was compelled by the need to identify and retain our best talent. I thought if we could assign cyber operators to their optimal work roles, based on an aptitude test, we would have a better chance of retaining these young people. A tool like CyberGEN.IQ would have likely saved our team countless hours by reducing retraining costs, and increased overall mission effectiveness and improved retention.”

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