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Using cybersecurity testing in the classroom

Drive Cybersecurity Training Success Rates with CyberGEN.IQ

Select the Right Participants for Your Program

Evaluate students’ likelihood of succeeding in your specific cybersecurity training programs.

Match Students to Specific Instruction

Assign students to alternative or supplemental instruction based on their cognitive profiles garnered in CyberGEN.IQ cyber aptitude and assessment test.

Map Training Pipelines

Determine the core concepts that make cybersecurity difficult and develop training materials with matching job performance standards.

Evaluate and Improve Curricula

Continuously reflect on and improve course materials and lesson plans based on scientific support from a proven cybersecurity assessment test.


Get the Most Out of Cybersecurity Education Programs with CyberGEN.IQ

Without the CyberGEN.IQ aptitude test, selecting the right candidates for cybersecurity education programs can be a gamble. Training resources are precious and maximizing potential for success will pay dividends. CyberGEN.IQ can significantly reduce the loss associated with misaligned training and show a clear path to increase organizations’ ROI in cyber education initiatives.

The assessment features 14 cognitive tests that find an individual’s balance of the four cognitive capabilities needed to succeed in a cybersecurity career:

  • Initiating: The ability to creatively solve problems and "kick down doors.”
  • Responding: The ability to detect anomalies and "watch the door," continuously monitoring cyber information streams.
  • Real-Time: The ability to make an in-the-moment decision with current knowledge and information.
  • Exhaustive: The ability to research other resources for more information before making a decision.

Implementing CyberGEN.IQ amounts to a fraction of the cost it takes to make the right decisions on placing students on the correct cybersecurity training trajectories.

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The Haystack Solutions team will provide your organization with a full analysis of your students’ CyberGEN.IQ test results.

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Finding the Right Cybersecurity
Students to Create a Diverse Team

Haystack Solutions helped the University of North Georgia (UNG) to find diverse and non-traditional students that were literally a “needle in the haystack” of potential cyber talent with no prior cybersecurity knowledge, skills, or abilities. The resulting team won the NSA Codebreaker Challenge in 2019 and 2020.

They distributed CyberGEN.IQ to potential team members and based the selection of members for the team solely on the test results of the students. The team selected not only beat out competition by tremendous margins in back-to-back years, but also increased the percentage of women on the team from 10% to 20%, increased the overall size of the team by 4x, and expanded diversity within the program. Of those women:

  • Most never studied cyber or software development
  • Many are considering cyber careers
  • Many have stayed in the studies for more than two years 
  • All experienced national competitive recognition
  • CyberGEN.IQ test encouraged them, making the industry less intimidating

Educators Using

Michael Bunting, Ph.D.
Director of Cognitive Security and Information Operations at University of Maryland’s ARLIS Center
“It has been heartening to see CyberGEN.IQ adapted for the commercial sector and, in early trials, to help identify previously unexplored but inherently genius-level cyber talent in schools and universities, who are now garnering some of the most prestigious CTF awards with talent who had not previously considered cybersecurity careers.”

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