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Grow Your Business with the Best Cyber Defense

Streamline Corporate Hiring

Save 50-80% of your time dedicated to hiring and focus on the right candidate, interviewing them more efficiently and filling your cybersecurity role with the person who is the best cognitive fit.

Accurately Map Talent Planning
Identify cognitive fingerprints of key performers and confidently develop succession plans.
Accelerate Internal Upskilling
Get the highest ROI on cybersecurity training programs for your employees based on their exact aptitude and ability to succeed.
Expand Your Diversity
Grow your team with previously undiscovered talent from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds.

Mapping Aptitude to
Cybersecurity Careers

The assessment features 14 cognitive tests that reveal an individual’s abilities across the four cognitive capabilities needed to succeed in a cybersecurity career:

  • Initiating: The ability to creatively solve problems and "kick down doors.”
  • Responding: The ability to detect anomalies and "watch the door," continuously monitoring cyber information streams.
  • Real-Time: The ability to make an in-the-moment decision with current knowledge and information.
  • Exhaustive: The ability to research other resources for more information before making a decision.
The CyberGEN.IQ test results align with the four career domains within cybersecurity today:
  • Offensive Operations: Require initiative and creative problem-solving skills using partial data in real-time.
  • Defensive Operations: Require the ability to detect anomalies with scans and real-time, partial data while screening out distractions.
  • Analytics and Forensics: Require the ability to interpret and reconcile exhaustive amounts of often conflicting data.
  • Design/Development: Require the ability to programatize creative problem solving and build model programs for execution.

The price of implementing CyberGEN.IQ amounts to a fraction of the cost it takes to make the right hiring decision, saving hundreds of hours for your corporation’s HR department. Pricing for CyberGEN.IQ is based on the number of people you hire versus the number of candidates you’re considering.

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The Haystack Solutions team will provide your corporation with a full analysis of your candidates’ CyberGEN.IQ test results, working with your HR and hiring teams to know you’ve chosen the right candidates to hire and assigned the right training for your current team.

Contact our team to learn more about the pricing of our specialized insight and recommended plan of action.

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Applying CyberGEN.IQ: Changing the
Corporate Cybersecurity Landscape

Haystack Solutions partners with EC-Council on its pledge to generate equal representation between men and women in those that hold its certifications.

  • CyberGEN.IQ helps change the mix of certification holders from 1:10 female/male to closer to 1:1 female/male.
  • The test inspires women who weren’t previously interested in cybersecurity, growing and expanding the global workforce.

CyberGEN.IQ is Trusted By
Corporations Across the Globe

Charles J. Kolodgy
Principal Analyst, Security Mindsets
“Finding the right candidates and figuring out which employees to invest training budgets in are tough, important cybersecurity challenges that either contribute to or erode an organization’s security posture. Haystack is the first solution that opens the ‘black box’ of the human mind to help identify optimal candidates for specific needs, and weed out those whose certs may be superb but whose innate skills just aren’t a match. Getting it right is imperative, and the costs—from delayed hires and poor retention to the severe consequences of missed vulnerabilities—are just too high to gamble with.”

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