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How Cybersecurity Skills Assessments Help Bridge the Skills Gap

Aptitude assessments help cybersecurity job seekers overcome the industry’s biggest challenges

About two-thirds of cybersecurity professionals believe the industry is the most challenging they’ve faced in the past five years. And about 67% lack the staff to address potential threats effectively.

Organizations must secure qualified candidates to protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated attacks. Unfortunately, due to the cybersecurity skills gap, both businesses and job seekers struggle to match the best roles to the right skill sets.

Cybersecurity skills assessments can bridge this gap. A cybersecurity assessment allows candidates to better understand what roles they’ll excel in and the resources they need to succeed. Companies can leverage skills assessments to accelerate hiring processes and build their dream team.

Understanding the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The cybersecurity industry has a gaping talent pool of over four million open roles. There are many contributors to the cybersecurity skills gap crisis, including:

  • Unqualified candidates are applying for open positions: According to ISACA’s State of the Cybersecurity Industry 2020 Report, 70% of companies stated that less than half of cybersecurity applicants are well qualified. There aren’t enough people with the right skills, experience, and certifications to fill all the available jobs.
  • Security management tools overload: Most businesses use between 45 and 75 different cybersecurity management tools. Each tool has countless daily logs and security alerts, which must be analyzed by people with the training and experience required to make the right decisions at the right times.
  • Lack of formal training and educational programs: According to a survey by Kaspersky, less than half of cybersecurity professionals stated that their university or college provided hands-on experience in real-life cybersecurity scenarios. In addition to poor quality and irrelevant educational programs, a lack of cybersecurity training per se is another issue job seekers encounter.

Not only do these challenges affect job applicants, but they also directly impact the security and privacy of organizations and their customers. 

The Consequences of the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The skills gaps are making more businesses more vulnerable to cyber threats and breaches. Without a highly qualified workforce, companies cannot effectively safeguard their sensitive data.

Other consequences of the cybersecurity skills gap include:

  • Privacy violations
  • Financial fraud
  • Government cybersecurity compliance violations
  • Hefty fines and legal ramifications

Cybersecurity skills assessments help businesses find the best people to fill their open roles and overcome these challenges.

How Cybersecurity Skills Assessments Can Help

Cybersecurity skills assessments enable corporations to streamline hiring processes and identify quality candidates quickly. Assessments reveal applicants’ true strengths and reliability. 

Job seekers can also use skills assessments to gain a better understanding of their cognitive abilities and what skills need improvement. With this knowledge, individuals can find positions that align with their aptitude and the necessary resources to hone their skills.

Multiple types of cybersecurity skills assessments can benefit companies and applicants, including:

  • Technical skills assessments
  • Behavioral and cognitive assessments
  • Hands-on simulations and
  • Practical tests
  • Aptitude and talent assessments

Each assessment helps match the best employers with the right applicants, bridging the cybersecurity skills gap.

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The Role of Cybersecurity Skills Assessments

Organizations can use cybersecurity skills assessments to identify specific skills and knowledge gaps in job applicants. This optimizes hiring and recruitment processes, saving companies time from sifting through hundreds of applications. Businesses can also use skills assessments to measure the aptitude of current employees and provide relevant, targeted training and development opportunities. 

Unfortunately, some cyber assessments result in biased decisions and favor applicants with specific education or socio-economic backgrounds. This can impact a company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, and lead to them overlooking top-tier talent. 

Skills assessments also empower job seekers to evaluate and improve their skills, allowing them to unlock their full potential.  Cybersecurity professionals will have more profound insights into where their strengths lie and can easily identify opportunities for improvement.  

Cybersecurity Skills Assessments for Job Applicants

Simply listing their expertise on their resumes doesn’t cut it anymore. Job seekers must demonstrate their competence to stand out from the crowd and get hired as quickly as possible.

Applicants can use cybersecurity skills assessments to showcase their unique abilities. This gives employers tangible evidence of a candidate’s expertise and authenticates their commitment to the field. Taking the time to assess and hone their skills shows an applicant is dedicated to self-improvement.

In addition to finding the perfect role, cybersecurity professionals can use skills assessments to pivot. Skills assessments help career changers assess their current skills and knowledge, pinpoint what certifications or skills they need for specific roles, and build a personalized development plan.

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Job seekers can use CyberGEN.IQ to showcase their skills, customize professional development plans, and find roles that best reflect their abilities and education.

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